When She Was About To Come Out

I already had a very active six years old when I found out I was pregnant with Faith. It was a big surprised to find out that I was blessed and going to have another baby. Being pregnant again caused me to worry about my unborn child’s health and my own. But I also felt very contented to know that I had the full support of my family. At times, as you ladies who have had kids know, it was a hard emotionally and physically but finally on February 8th of 2008, Faith Emily Anne was born. We were truly blessed with this special and precious child.

It was late in the afternoon on February that I tried to talk to my baby inside my womb to give me a sign if she is ready to go, as my eldest daughter tried to do at that night when I was about to deliver her. It was maybe my instinct that told me so to check on my baby checklist from her gloves down to her socks that I could use in the hospital. In that way, I won’t have a hard time packing her things if my tummy will contract that I strongly felt, it would happen very soon. I will just grab the baby bag and we are ready to go. At 4:00 p.m. my tummy gets numb and contracted sometimes, I called my sister then, whom at that time was in down town area for her business to fetch me from the house because I felt Faith will come out in due time. My eldest daughter who just came in from school was a bit worried and asked what she would do to help me; I told her to double check again the newborn checklist, if I have those things needed in the hospital packed in our baby bag. She answered me immediately that she has it all intact and all were already complete. Sister Irenie arrived and brought a taxi cab with her to send us in the hospital right away, I thought I would deliver the baby that day but my Doctor said, it was not yet though she did not send us back to our house because I was already experiencing a real labor because she had seen some signs like contractions for several times when she checked my tummy. We just need to wait for hours or a day for the baby to come out, she also told me that I was lucky because I arrived there at least before the big day so I have a lot of time to relax and be ready for the most painful and yet beautiful experience the essence of being a woman.

Now the beautiful baby who cried out loud right after she came out is now a hyper active one year old, the days rolled into months so fast and the baby who used to be vulnerable and so fragile in my arms can run so fast and can talk some words at all. Now my friend is on her way as well, she is I think almost three months pregnant, I am so excited for her and her baby and if she will decide to have a baby shower someday, I would really give her baby a gift that would last and will always remind her that once she was that baby, who is so precious as her Mom.

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