One Of The Professions I Love

The first course that I really wanted to take when I was about to graduate in High school, is a nursing course. But due to some financial constraints, I have to apply for scholarship so I could pursue my college and nursing was not on the list of the courses that they offered. Since to finish college is my top priority with or without taking the nursing course, I grabbed the scholarship program and took the Bachelor of Science in Commerce. Hence, I want my niece to take the course that I always love and pursue with that profession.

As we all know, nurses nowadays is very in demand with other countries, thus nurses here in our place is always looking forward to go abroad right after the two years service experience, some though are very devoted to the hospitals they are working with and the willingness to serve their own country. If I would have enough money to support my niece to take the nursing course in other country, I am willing to send her to the best school for nursing so she could work for the best cities to be a nurse, well I hope she is open with the idea of becoming an effective and devoted nurse in the future and not the other way around. I mean there is no problem with me if she would take another course as long as she would finish her college, we are always behind her.

While browsing here in the Internet about nurses and stuff, I stumbled with chic scrubs magazine for nursing student or the professional ones. They have fashion tips for nurses, scrubs and checklists. It is a guide in some way what is the best trend to wear nowadays and the pros and cons for print scrubs and more. So if it’s your off and don’t have anything work to do at home, you might want to read some effective tips and guide for good way living in scrubs magazine, this could fill in your thoughts to live in a healthier life.

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  1. parehas pala tayo ng kapalaran anne hehehe.. BSC din ako but i never thought of taking a nursing degree, what i really like to take then is mass comm..

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