Faith,  Kids Day Out

I Was Tired But I Enjoyed Her Company A Lot

Faith was so happy that she was able to come with me when I went out yesterday, well she had to visit her Pedia for her cough, she has been coughing since yesterday morning, although it only attacks her during morning when she is about wake up. We notice lately that she is already coughing with phlegm at all, so we thought it would be the best to send her to the clinic.

We went to SM first to get the money that her Father sent to us, the boredom hits her when it took the in charge a while to entertain us, the bank was so crowded yesterday, good thing that the guard offered us a seat nearby where the table of the teller to entertain us is seated. Faith was already so noisy and banging her hands in the table, it was though cute for her to say “Ma, yayay” that I instantly kiss her hand and say “no more yayay” but after that, she would bang her hands again in the table and will say the same thing again.

She just stopped when she saw someone she smiled at my back, I was so curious who is that person she keep on smiling behind me. When I glanced at the person, it is a white American guy who is obviously responding her smile. The teller secretly smile when she saw Faith repeating what she is doing, she even said “Hello” to everyone she notice. And sometimes call Mommy of the teenager guy beside me.

I was worn out and tired running after her inside the clinic, but I had fun being out with her once in a while. One mother even claimed that she is such a hyper active baby though not to the extent that you would get irritated by her actions because you would find her cuteness while she is exploring her little world, rather than just seeing her a brat.

On the other side of the note, the doctor just gave her Asmalin and Metolukast chewable table. The chewable table is available but the Asmalin syrup that she should take for seven days, out of stock, now I have to go out again to buy that one for her, I have to go also and pay the house before it will due and some other stuff. For a while she has been so squirmy inside the taxi cab going home, she cannot be still in our seat and just loves to roll over or seat or stood up. I was glad she slept in my arms for the rest of our trip going home; I was a bit worried though because the taxi driver is speedingly driving so fast and the rain pours very hard. I was again imagining things that could possibly happen if he won’t slow down, thank God I guess he answered my prayer because the driver just slow down without asking him to.

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