I Felt Sad For Them

When we went to SM today with my little love bug to get the money that Terry wired for her check up. I saw the agents that I used to work before, I was so stunned when they told me that the project that I learned to love when I was there yet, will be totally close. They said that the technicians already have their hand held to work with their completed job. And the agents were send to other projects well, at least they still won’t lose a job instead they just lose a project, but the friendship and the team work we had rooted in that project could never be paid off, it is indeed priceless. So I guess whatever project they would give to the agents who works with our project before, our account is irreplaceable. It is deeply rooted in our hearts, that until now I always do remember.

I was one of those agents who got first the project, I still remember the hectic schedule and the delayed breaks because we have to attain all the calls before we could eat something in the cafeteria, I can still remember the hardships and the triumph every time we will get recommendations from the client. Now the account really said goodbye, surely we and them will miss each other and would somehow wish that the account still exists.

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