Two Yummy Cakes

From The Red Ribbon Cake
with their latest Cake with Oreo

Oftentimes, when I bought cake for my family I usually go to Red Ribbon and buy the cake that captivates my eye. Red Ribbon was first introduced to me by a friend who is now in Dubai, my other friend just wanted to keep us company to a near fast food chain as early as 6:00 a.m. because she will resign from work very soon, obviously we could not found one, since it is the Red Ribbon that is near at the call center I used to work before, we went there and had our little chat time and cake time.

That was the first time I had a bite of their cake and from then on whenever we will crave for a cake, I definitely choose the red ribbon cake. Well, except for occasions especially when it’s our kid’s birthday party. In the contrary, I will buy the other one, the Goldilocks since they had a wider space on their cake that we could put a clear name on it.

Goldilocks had been a part of our lives, especially for my eldest daughter. Since her first birthday she always has a cake and it is always from Goldilocks. I thought at that time, it was the best cake I have ever tasted; obviously it was change when I had my first Red Ribbon bite. Anyway, I’m sure you could differentiate the two cakes, as both are famous here in the Philippines.

Goldilocks Cake

Recently, I bought two cakes during my niece birthday party, the other one is from Red Ribbon and the other one is from the Goldilocks. You may ask why? It is because the Goldilocks will be serving for the visitors and the Red Ribbon would be only for us, so we hide it somewhere before the guests could notice it.

Have a sweet delightful dreams everyone!

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For Your Truck Accessories

There are many people out there who prefer to own a truck other than just any car because you can rely more to it, especially if they have a business that needs to get the supply in the far away province.

But one problem could occur when the back is exposed to any suspicious thief, it is not safe and would somehow damaged whatever things you put in there when it rains. It is better if you buy Truck Tonneau Cover that could keep all the equipment or the goods safe at the back of your truck. So you worry no more if you store things behind your truck, but you have to make sure of the exact size of the cover of your truck, nevertheless the cover should fit the size of your truck, you should choose the one, which protect and seal in your truck bed.

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Helping Mj

I planned to blog hop last night but sad to say was not able to do so, I was helping Mj to review her notes and memorize their civic subject. She had to memorize all the different region in the Philippines. I think it was almost 11:00 p.m. that we finished reviewing all the necessary subject that would tackle today, I hope she will not forget all those things.

On the other side, I would send Faith today to her Pedia since she is coughing frequently, I thought she is just acting up or making drama, but yesterday and this morning her cough was real and with phlegm at all.

So guys stay put, I’ll be dropping EC if I have enough and thank you for always dropping at my site.

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