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Terry has been to Singapore several times, but he told me he has not been there since 1990 when he was in the Navy. Since my sister Lilian works in Singapore, I thought it would be a great idea for us to visit her and take MJ and Faith with us. The first thing to decide is when to go and where to stay. Choosing the right Hotel is important and since we are four, affordability is also important. I found that the Accor Hotel Group is having a “sale”. The rate for the Accor Hotels City Super Sale in Singapore is $61.00 (US) per night, well within our budget.

We will certainly get our exercise as we explore Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the last surviving area of rainforest in Singapore and also its highest point. Poor Terry will probably end up carrying Faith most of the way up the hill. From Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, we will head for some shopping. Well actually I plan on doing a little window shopping everyday. I know the kids will want to see the Butterfly Park & Insect Museum where they have over Butterflies, beetles and other insects.

Singapore is also noted for its many different ethnic foods. From Western and European to Thai, Malay, Indian and even Filipino food it can all be found in this wonderful city. I am sure my sister knows the best place to eat. What else do I plan on doing, well if I can pry the credit card from Terry’s hands, I will go shopping. I will go with my sister Lilian and Terry can take the kids to the Carlsberg Sky Tower. The kids have never been to a real zoo, only to the Crocodile Park here in Davao, so we plan on taking them to the Singapore Zoo. I can go on and on about what we plan to do in Singapore. But the most important is to spend time with my sister and to introduce the kids to new things and cultures. Just like when we went to Manila and saw the Ocean Park, the kids will be fascinated. But remember, this hotel room sales offer is available for a short time only. So visit Accor Hotels now to take advantage of it and to play your vacation.


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