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How To Be Look Sexy While You Open A Bottle Of Cola

My eldest daughter is fond of showing her best pose in front of the camera, she sometimes shooting and pointing herself to it, it is either in my phone camera or the digital camera. There are times I could not figure out how did she do that pose? It is sexy and yet cute, you could simply tell that she is just a kid trying to experiment her pose and the cam.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want her to become a celebrity as her Dad prefers her to be a medical doctor someday. He wanted her to discover a medicine to cure for any kind of cancer. Well, whatever she want whether she likes to be a great singer as that what she likes to do it now or to become a medical doctor, we will support her.

Alright, let’s go back to the endearing question on how to be look sexy while you open a bottle of cola? Simply, just open it with your shirt as the video below trying to show, and give your best look with tantalizing eyes. Hehehe! It is just Mj kiddingly striking a pose for her cousin Ate Moreen.


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