A Beautiful Yet Affordable Place To Stay

The first time I met Terry in person, I was the one who arrange her hotel accommodation, when my friend learns that I was looking for a nice and comfy hotel for him, she then asked me what hotel other than the one I choose for Terry is comfortable and best to stay. I recommended some and I was glad that she and her fiancé both like it.

Now, that we are planning to apply for a visa right after the wedding and a US passport for my youngest daughter, we are thinking what hotel in Manila could be best for us if we gather some requirements in the US embassy. And since we will going to take the kids with us, it should be affordable and comfortable to the kids. While browsing in the Internet I chanced up to open the ,Accor Hotels City Super Sale they are having the best rates though the sale is limited only, if I check it now and book it, we can save more.

When we went to Manila the last time Terry was here, we paid too much for the van we rented. So we thought if we would go back there once again, it is more advantage if we just hire a hotel van so that won’t charge us that much. Among the hotels that the Accor Hotel Group offered in the Internet, I love to stay in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, other than it is near at the airport, the place and their rooms are awesome. I am sure the kids will like it because they have a wide swimming pool that all the guests would enjoy for. They also have a fitness centre, massage spa and other leisure facilities that I and Terry would always love to have.


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