I just had my first dosage of cervical cancer vaccination on Friday, it supposed to be last week but my Ob said that I should have me period to get it and it should be on the second day, so she gave me a tablet for that.

I thought right after the injection, I would still be alright just like the injection I had before when I was still pregnant with Faith, but to my surprised it was not, because I feel like I was being punched in my arms, it is a bit painful and it seems it was numb. I could not even move it, the dosage made me so worn out, I was so tired that when I arrived home I crawl myself to bed and out for a few hours.

The pain did subside only if they would not touch it, this is what irritates me because the area that has been injured was always put in danger whatever I tried not to expose it from their hands, still they would love to tap or touch it though they said it is unintentional. Uuurgghhss!!!

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  1. I hope you get well soon. God always hear our prayers sometimes he`s just a little bit late maybe he had some purpose to it. But what can we do is make our hearts stronger.

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