The Rambo Girl

The Rambo girl came to celebrate Ate Mariel’s Birthday, it was all perfect for her only if she puts a tie around her head but that was okay though, she looks so cute with a goldilocks blue ribbon. This Rambo girl warms my heart because she always smile and was running back and forth in the floor, she’s a happy Rambo girl and won’t fight with you so you don’t have to worry if you happen to encounter her one day.

My super active baby

The rambo girl eating lollipop

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Her Birthday Was A Blast

Her birthday was a blast, almost of her classmate came, actually two of her classmate was already there when I arrived. I had to go to my ob-gyne for my ever first vaccine for cervical cancer which I would post my whole experience later.
The food that Kuya James prepares was superb! Of course it is he is the best chef here in the house. It was a bit sad that he was not able to celebrate the birthday with us, because he has to go to Samal for his grandmother just died. On the lighter note, Sister Lilian, Mariel’s mom was able to go online and greeted her daughter a Happy Birthday! She saw her classmates as well, they all waved at her. Obviously Mariel was so happy that she even said thank you right after the party, well thanks to honey because he sent me money for her birthday bash.
Justify Full

The Mom and Daughter


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Quick And Convenient To Shop

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But with the global crisis we are experiencing right now, additional expenses for any insurance would be a burden to our pocket at all, so we should look for something that won’t affect our budget that much, we should choose a company that offers a lowest term life insurance quotes but still provides great service and would assists us throughout the whole application. At any rate the consumers should receive exceptional values, provided a quick and convenient to shop.

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