Happy Birthday Mariel

It is my niece birthday today, that was the reason why I was not able to do my entre card drops yesterday, I had to grocery shop for her birthday since this is the first time she would invite some friends. She used to be tamed and loner way back during her elementary years, unlike Mj she is shy to make some friends, she just changed when she stoop to first year highschool.

I am glad with her improvements in interacting the people around her what I want her to change is her being so slow not academically but literally, it took her a while to take a bath, expect 30 minutes to one hour before she is finally done.

Above all, she is being good though, she help me sometimes to take care of our little monster, do some house chores, and well she is my consultant of the latest trend today. I hope she can reach her dreams and can finish college without giving me and her mom any problems.

Happy Birthday Ate Mariel!


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