Gifts For Father's Day

On Its Way

Finally, I already bought something for Terry this coming Father’s day, although he would receive it late because I just send it now and it was through post office and not to any express mail like FED Ex or DHL but I know he would be okay for that, Terry I should say, is the very understanding man I have ever known, plus I had to wait for my funds from my blogging income so the gift would be from my own pocket.

I should not reveal the gift at this time yet, as I have plans to surprise him, especially the gift from Faith, there’s nothing in there that is so expensive though, I guess what matters most is the thought. And I believe all gifts are special though, even if you only receive one candy or a piece of greeting card as long as it is heartily given to you, it is special and that means you are special too.


  • Momma Bams

    Its always the thoughts that counts.. lapit na nga pala Father's day. I have to plan something.. Have nice day =)

  • anne

    Hi momma bams oo nga malapit na hehehe I supposed to buy those earlier than this week pero la time and I have to wait pa my funds

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