Look What I Got!

A new blouse from my dear pregnant friend Clarinda, while I had my concert at their house she asked me if I would like to have a blouse that has a collar design, of course as she would give it to me I said yes.

And look what I got? She gave me a checkered blouse that according to Ate Mariel, it is the latest trend today, and I was right she love it and begging me to give the blouse to her. I didn’t only had videoke at their house, that right after I sang one song it rains so hard hehehe, I also have the new top and a mouse trap, oopss a mouse pad, lol. Thank you Cla!

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On Its Way

Finally, I already bought something for Terry this coming Father’s day, although he would receive it late because I just send it now and it was through post office and not to any express mail like FED Ex or DHL but I know he would be okay for that, Terry I should say, is the very understanding man I have ever known, plus I had to wait for my funds from my blogging income so the gift would be from my own pocket.

I should not reveal the gift at this time yet, as I have plans to surprise him, especially the gift from Faith, there’s nothing in there that is so expensive though, I guess what matters most is the thought. And I believe all gifts are special though, even if you only receive one candy or a piece of greeting card as long as it is heartily given to you, it is special and that means you are special too.

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We Loved Billiard

One of the games that I and Terry like to play online is billiards, when we ran out of topic sometimes. We played for it through yahoo messenger games; it is one of the games they offered. But since I downloaded the new version of my YM, I am having a hard time to add the plug in, until now I still can’t figure out what was wrong with it. Thus, we stopped playing billiard games from then on.

Good thing that recently I saw this site that offer multiplayer games, and that they feature the billiard game. I can’t wait to tell this to Terry so we could play that game again; I hope the process would be easy on how to start with the game so we can shoot those balls once again.

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She Can Wake Up Now To Pee

Last night was one of the night that Mj was able to wake up to pee, most of the time I have to wake up for her to tell her to pee in the bathroom because if I won’t do that she will just pee in our bed. As eight years old she supposed to feel the need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but sometimes when she’s playing that long outside, she just go on her way then find out that she already pee.

But last night, she woke me up that she need to pee, I woke up but I was not able to accompany her since Faith was in my arms lying down so close to me, and if I will move, she might wake up as well. So I just instructed Mj to open the door in the bedroom so she won’t be scared going to the bathroom.

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