First thing first, with the H1n1 going on, I’ve heard it always in the TV and that it is already a pandemic illness. I am worried because Mj had to go to school every day without me, we won’t know whom she talk to in the school, though I always tell her to just stay in the room and take her lunch there. I also recommended her to bring alcohol so she can use it after she touches things I hope she would follow my instructions though. I hope this thing would end very soon since there are many students and parents are getting worried of this, in fact many schools were suspending their classes because of this case.

Second, the carpool, I mentioned here earlier that I already arranged a carpool for sending and fetching Mj back in the school and since I recruited four students to avail their service, they pursue on giving their service to us. But the owner still needing some more students, I am still looking for parents who are willing for their carpool service but I still can’t find anyone yet, I am worried that they would cancel their service to us because they’re lacking of students to go in our subdivision and if that is so, who would fetch and send Mj to the school? I am not saying I have problems with sending or fetching her, the thing is I get too busy here in the morning plus it is more expensive if I send her then go back home and fetch her in the afternoon and back home again.

I don’t like to send Mj to school again with the motor pool that we were renting before, because they’re passing through a highway and it would be too dangerous for a motorcycle to pass through a highway with big vans and buses plus over speeding jeepneys not to mention that they sometimes would like to overtake the first in line vehicle. I am not saying that the driver of the motorcycle is careless, as a matter of fact he really is slowing down and he is extra careful of his driving but I just don’t trust those vehicles they encountered always in the street.

I hope the carpool would be alright with the five students, I am doing my very best to look for more students but I don’t know when could I find anyone then. If only we have our own service but that is not our priority as of this moment, we have things to think first and many expenses to attain for at home.

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