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Can Lasik Really Save Me Money?

Terry has been wearing glasses most of his life. He gets a yearly eye exam and every year or two he has to buy a new pair of glasses. For a period of two years he even tried wearing contact lenses, but found that he did not really have the time to take care of them properly, plus the costs of the solutions to keep them in tip top shape added to the overall cost of having conacts. At a cost anywhere between $400 and $500 per year it is expensive. The prices of glasses continue to go up and there are other things he can use his hard earned money for. Over the years he have spent more than $15,000 paying for eyeglasses.

One alternative that Terry can take to avoid the spiraling cost of glasses is to have a Lasik procedure performed on his eyes to correct his vision. Is he a candidate for iLasik? Before he is qualified, iLasik doctor will perform a LASIK procedure and he must be evaluated. If it is determined that he is a good candidate for the procedure then they will proceed.

Remember that earlier in this blog I referred to spending about $12,000 on eye glasses every one or two years? Well the cost of iLasik can be between $2,000 t0 $3,000 per eye or $5,000 is a typical cost for both eyes. That represents a significant savings for us. And if you are worried about paying for it at one time, your Lasik professional can assist you in arranging for financing at costs as low as $89 per month. iLASIK is a mature technology and it is safe. See if you are a candidate for iLasik and visit the site, to see the Lasik professional closest to you.


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