Watching TV From The Door

Faith likes to go out in the front yard, sometimes she would just stand by the gate while calling some other kids or at her Ate Mj if she’s out to play. Don’t you ever dare to close the door or else she would cry her heart out while calling Mommy or Mama.
The pictures below were taken when she watched the TV from the door, she looks so cute, acting like an adult as if she really understand what was in the TV, well actually she is fond watching TV commercials though whenever a baby would show up in the monitor, her eyes would glued to it then she will laugh and giggle afterwards.

There she is, seriously watching TV from the door

Oooopss another baby commercial

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In Russia With Love

Are you romantic and had someone who lives in Russia? Do you want to send something to the one you love, that she would remember and flaunt it to her friends? Flowers as we all know are the most romantic gift that someone would ever receive, Terry perhaps gave me bunch of flowers in the basket during those time he still courted me, and look are we now, our love still cherish and will forever be for the rest of my life.

But we should not just buy those in a flower shoppe that does not have a fresh flowers. You have to go for a boutique that offers fresh flowers with unique designs, flower delivery to Russia perhaps would make your gifts safe and still fresh when it is deliver to your love one.

The company has a good customer service, quality gifts, and they have the latest bouquets designs, so flowers to Russia could be more 1possible without worrying that much if it would arrived in its destination.

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Not Much

Right after we attended mass yesterday, we headed to the newest mall that what just open last May, I thought we would see a lot in there but to our surprised we did not see anything well except of their grocery story that you could really it was just newly built because of the smell and oh so well arranged.
The mall was headed north and we live in south part, imagine the travel that we have to take just to get there just to visit the place and hopefully to sight see the place or perhaps would buy some clothes that I may like, nevertheless we did not find anything there. I saw a stair though going up but I guess it is still empty, I asked the cashier who entertained us when we pay our stuff in the grocery if the second floor would be their department store. The cashier replied me immediately that the second floor will be used for call centers. That explain the name Robinson Cyber gate, well obviously their offers seem new than the other mall in the city. Few restaurants, a hardware and a grocery would they offer and not the big mall that we used to picture out.

So not to waste our visits, I decided to grocery shop there, not only I was impressed with how they organized their stuff; I was also surprised with how expensive their items are. It is more expensive than of the grocery store I used to shop.

The image is provided by Google

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