Mini Laptop

Just Switch It On

Yesterday, Mj saw Faith tapping and touching my laptop in our couch, I put it there to recharge the battery as I was also busy cleaning the living room. I thought she did not do something on it not until I realized that my Internet was already disconnected. My mini laptop cannot detect my router at all.

I thought that it is something to do with my router, I plugged and unplugged the router but still my mini laptop can’t view the wifi range. I called the store where I bought the router and asked if I have to do something about to get back the connection, the in charge said since it is working to my laptop where it is connected, the router is okay and there’s nothing wrong with it. He then exclaimed maybe it has something to do with my mini laptop, maybe we need to configure it, he then asked me to go there so he could check on it.

But yesterday was my schedule to just stay at home, I have arranged it that way so to avoid unnecessary expenses. And there’s no way I can be there, I asked him if we could do something at least to put back the wifi. I have read it to him that the window tried me to do and that is to switch the computer on, I asked him where I could find the switch if there is as I provided him the brand of my laptop. He then told me that the switch on is located maybe near at my mouse at the bottom part.

I have to look at it intently more because the switch was too little. And he is right the wifi just turn off, and the culprit? My little love monster bug Faith.

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