The Smile That Can Melt My Heart

Smile alone can melt one’s heart, how much more if it is from your kids. Faith has becoming so charming, she always make our day right at home no matter how busy, tired or weary we are, when she started to show her smile to us, our heart would lift up immediately.

Who would not be? Her smile just simply warms our heart. I am just so lucky I have a happy baby like Faith.

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Come And Eat Me

I finally went to gym this afternoon after like how many weeks of not attending the said aerobics session. I took a nap first before I went there so obviously I was really in the mood and not cranky following the instructor’s step.

I decided to just eat burger before I went home so as to serve as my dinner, I am sure I would be full enough not to eat any rice at home. I dropped by to buy fish first before heading home but when I arrived home; my brother-in-law immediately fried the fish. Gosh! The smell was too tempting thus I have to be firm on not touching any food tonight.

Nonetheless, the fried fish seems like whispering to my ear to taste it as it was set in the table. I just made a sigh relief so I could say no to it and went away.

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Just To Share

Analee has been a friend of mine, when I was still working in a call center here in our place. For two years of not seeing her, I surely missed her loud voice in the call floor and the noise whenever she typed a note from the technician. There was no dull moment at those nights because of our laughs and stories. Our sales manager had to get nearby to reprimand us to minimize our voice and to stop talking in vernacular or else our Operation Manager would give us immediate attention.
When Analee had to resign to join her husband to US, the callfloor suddenly became so dull, it was too quiet that all of us were not used to. But life has to move on, we had to endure the fact that although good friends would last forever nevertheless good memories has to end.

Last May, Analee and her husband came back to Davao to visit their family and friends, so here were our captions below:

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