She Wanted To Skipped Dinner

Just tonight I and Mj had commotions. I was so mad of her to skipped dinner because she wanted to sleep. And for me that is not allowed, we already told her to take a nap this afternoon but she refuses, I was not able to check on her because I was too busy cleaning and sorting out our things. She even escaped to the neighborhood for a little while to play and now she made of her being cranky and sleepy an excuse for her not to eat dinner.
Mj is sometimes stubborn but more often than not, she is also responsible in fact she sometimes took the responsibility of taking good care of Faith. This afternoon when Faith was drinking her milk in the bottle, sister told her to get nearby so she can put Faith on her lap but Faith went directly to her Ate Mj, asking her to let her lay down on Ate Mj’s lap.

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