• Book Lover

    I Have Not Read It Yet

    Terry brought a new book for me to read the last time he was here, but I was too busy to even notice it in our closet. It has been waiting for me like how many months already, if I didn’t do general cleaning today, the book may remain unnoticed. The book I am talking about is the book that some of you may like to read, it is the so called New Moon that somehow will air in November if I am not mistaken. Well, I really have to schedule my time now so I could read it at least before I will see it in the big screen.…

  • Kids

    She Wanted To Skipped Dinner

    Just tonight I and Mj had commotions. I was so mad of her to skipped dinner because she wanted to sleep. And for me that is not allowed, we already told her to take a nap this afternoon but she refuses, I was not able to check on her because I was too busy cleaning and sorting out our things. She even escaped to the neighborhood for a little while to play and now she made of her being cranky and sleepy an excuse for her not to eat dinner. Mj is sometimes stubborn but more often than not, she is also responsible in fact she sometimes took the responsibility…

  • Gardening And Stuff,  Home Styles

    Gardening And Landscaping

    When we just moved in two years ago, I thought our front yard could not be as beautiful as it is right now. If it is not because of my sister’s hard work to landscape it at least, that garden would not be put up. Even our neighbor who is in the states right now was so amazed with the result of my sister’s hidden talent, she was so envious because it cost us zero at all while she hired a landscaper that cost her thousand bucks. We all know that our economy is so depressing right now, so we have to make the most of it. Just for an…

  • General Cleaning

    General Cleaning At Home

    I just done something important today at home and that was to clean our closet. I am tired, yes but contented with what I have accomplished. Right after I chatted with Terry this morning, I headed right away to the bedroom to sort out things. I put all the unnecessary things to where it should belong and throw the things that it can’t be used. Now our bedroom is so pleasant to look at, it seems wider than before. It is really more comfortable to live and stay in a clean and dusty free home sweet home.