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Home Sweet Home

Finally, I have done and accomplished all the things I needed to settle from Monday till today and I am enormously happy that tomorrow would be my rest day of going out. Huh? Just so busy here guys and that I missed the four corners of our house, the laughter and giggles of my kids and the being so loud of the people around here.

If you are a new neighbor who happens to live near our house, you might think that we usually fighting here because of our loud voice but I tell you, we are not, it is just the usual and normal conversation that we are used to. You would know if there are commotions going on inside our house if you won’t hear any voice at all, that means we are not in good terms.

I am thinking now what task should I do for tomorrow here at home, a closet general cleaning perhaps since it has been a while that I was not able to touch it, not to mention that the kids class would start very soon. At least if I will do it by tomorrow, I still have my niece to assist me on reorganizing some stuff there, from book to bags to clothes to curtains and some other stuff. Believe me those things were stored in one big sliding closet in our bedroom.

Now, it’s time to say goodnight everyone!

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