• General Cleaning,  My Family

    Home Sweet Home

    Finally, I have done and accomplished all the things I needed to settle from Monday till today and I am enormously happy that tomorrow would be my rest day of going out. Huh? Just so busy here guys and that I missed the four corners of our house, the laughter and giggles of my kids and the being so loud of the people around here. If you are a new neighbor who happens to live near our house, you might think that we usually fighting here because of our loud voice but I tell you, we are not, it is just the usual and normal conversation that we are used…

  • During Workshop,  Jollibee Theme Song

    Jollibee Theme Song

    This is the second song that Mj and her co-kiddie crew members were dancing; they were lead by the Jollibee staff and crew. All the kids danced so gaily on that music especially with Hetty, Jollibee, and Twirlie around. The workshop just ended, we celebrated their graduation day at NCCC Mall last May 28 yet Mj could still remember the steps. In fact she is trying to teach her little sister of the steps, Faith sometimes imitate the way she dance though most of the time, she was just jumping and jumping and turning all around. Well I guess, that is her job and obviously she did it really good!

  • House Renovations

    I Woke Up With So Much Water Around

    Every time I got home from work before, the first thing I would do is to open my computer to talk to Terry online while carrying Faith in my arms, fresh from her bath time. Right after I talked to Terry I would crawl to my bed to sleep consequently from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. then will prepares myself to work. One afternoon, the rain pour so hard, Faith was sleeping in my side then suddenly Mariel screamed and called me from the bathroom. I ran immediately towards her to check what happen, all so sudden I saw the water from drainage of the bathroom rushing down…