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When I Am Too Bored

There are times that I miss my work so much, even I oftentimes spent my day here in front of my computer when Faith is with my sister, sometimes I just miss the rushing hour when the time hit almost of my shift.

I always remember the breeze of the night when I am about to go to work before. As the people around rushed to go home yet I was rushing to logged in to my account name in the call floor to attain calls. Now, those were the memories I have to put behind in my head, I only have to embrace it when I am too preoccupied then go on with my life together with my family. If I can’t help to miss those stuff a lot, I may just need to tap my fingers to eBook Search Queen online for me to read. Though sometimes I forget the title of the book when I search it in the engine, I can still find it as long as I don’t forget the text of the book that I want to read.

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