Thank You God I’m Okay

I was again paranoid for these past few days. First was my cough that seems like forever attacking me every night and now with the new issue again about my health. Honestly speaking, I am really not into checkups, like my father I hate going to the doctor and find out what was that makes you feel ill.

Plus! The fee and the very expensive medicines you have to purchase in the pharmacy. But you know what I just realized then that once you get yourself check up at least once a month, you can absolutely avoid much expenses from charges when you are admitted in the hospital than of that fees you incurred when you see the doctor in their clinics. Not only that, you can also ensure that you are in your best fit and healthy as you could ever think of because you made the right decision to see your doctor before bad things will happen, as the saying goes prevention is better than cure.

Thank God I am okay and thanks to Terry who is very supportive and never skipped a day to convince me to make an appointment to my Doctor.

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Prevention For That Cancer

Some of you maybe knew that one of my relatives just died of cervical cancer. From then on, I can’t help to think we may also have that one too, I mean not now but when we grew old. Since, as they said that we might get it from generation to generation. I don’t know if this is true but during those times of her downfall moments with that illness, I think I need to get a vaccination for cervical cancer.

It is better to prevent that kind of illness than to be admitted in the hospital for quite a while then finding it out you could not recover anymore even you already undergone cobalt and chemo. I can’t imagine those things at all especially my kids are still young and can’t stand yet on their own feet.

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When I Am Too Bored

There are times that I miss my work so much, even I oftentimes spent my day here in front of my computer when Faith is with my sister, sometimes I just miss the rushing hour when the time hit almost of my shift.

I always remember the breeze of the night when I am about to go to work before. As the people around rushed to go home yet I was rushing to logged in to my account name in the call floor to attain calls. Now, those were the memories I have to put behind in my head, I only have to embrace it when I am too preoccupied then go on with my life together with my family. If I can’t help to miss those stuff a lot, I may just need to tap my fingers to eBook Search Queen online for me to read. Though sometimes I forget the title of the book when I search it in the engine, I can still find it as long as I don’t forget the text of the book that I want to read.

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May Top 10 EC Droppers

I know this is already late but I guess it is better be late to thank my top 10 EC dropper this May than to never post my greetings to them. Thank you so much for the frequent visits guys. A million of thanks may not be enough of how grateful I am to all of you.

Anyway, here’s my top 10 EC droppers:

Note: The statistics above is from the Entrecard itself and not in my dropaholics stats. I guess it is better that way since some members from Entrecard are not yet registered in dropaholics. My last two droppers has been deleted in the website, as you may notice I only got eight droppers for this month.

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