Yay! I Totally Forgot About It

I am so silly that I just forgot my baby’s immunization today, aside from being so tired of the trip yesterday, sister Merlyn is not here too. She has to purchase some things for her kids as the school class will take place very soon.
But even though, if I just did not forget all about it, I may go with my little baby to the doctor for that dosage. If not her Dad’s asked me a while ago about her weight, I could not even remember it. Well, I was too indulged of our trip experience yesterday and it goes around in my mind every minute.

I was also busy with cleaning and arranging some stuff in the house and I finished that too late in the afternoon already. I will just send Faith to her doctor on Monday and I hope I could also go to my Ob-gyne for some issues I am feeling right now. I hope everything went well though.

2 Responses to “Yay! I Totally Forgot About It”

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