Just Back Home

Just back home from Surigao del Sur and I am so darn tired. The highway going there is so rocky, I feel like I was being punched at my back.

Here I am now tired but happy because we just accomplished something, we nearly lose our hope to find her but she guide all the way to know where she is.

Anyway I will share that by tomorrow, so sleepy now I need to rest.

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Less Safe

The class will start most probably on June 10, I would be very busy again helping my eldest daughter to prepare early in the morning will be pressure again if they have quizzes and exams and be very busy at home. What makes it better now is that her schedule will not be as early as 7:30 a.m. unlike before.

I have her carpool arranged just last week though so I hope that this carpool will serve us until class ends next year. I didn’t have any problem with her motor pool before because they serve us their very best but what concern me is the highway they are taking into everyday. It is less safe than a carpool, I must admit.

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Went To The Doctor Finally

I was not feeling well last night; although I slept early last night hoping that it might help me not to trigger my cough. But still at 5:00 a.m. it gets worst. I was restless all throughout the night and I just felt alright after I decided to take the anti asthma that my other doctor prescribed me two weeks ago.

When Faith got down from bed at 8:00 a.m. and called me Mama while she tried to open the door in the bedroom, I realized that Terry is already waiting for me online. I got Faith first and open my computer right after she was comfortable to be put down. Terry was worried when I blurted that my cough was hard and had hard time breathing early at dawn, he convinced me to look for another doctor so I could have the right and a newly prescribed medicines before it gets really worse.

Right after the graduation of Mj as a kiddie crew in Jollibee, we went immediately to the doctor and he gave me a Seretide, good thing that I went there before I finish the Augmentin I took two days ago because that anti biotic won’t heal my cough at all instead it will make my cough worst since I already took and finished that in one week as instructed. The anti biotic was for my fever before caused by the infection.

Anyway, I feel better now and I am ready for the trip tomorrow.

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I Wish To Know How To Bake

I enjoy baking and surprising my family with fine deserts and treats. Wanting to improve my baking skills I even enrolled in a baking class last spring. Though I find baking fun, I don’t always have the time to properly bake. Taking care of MJ and Faith keeps me very busy and though I want to bake for them, I just do not have the time to make proper preparations for baking.

Dr. Oetker has allowed me to bake for the family and I don’t have to take the time to prepare the ingredients. All I have to do is add water and then shake it and pour it into a pan to prepare a nice tasty treat. I can even add things to the mix and create deserts and snacks I know my family will love. I tried putting some M&M’s and Faith and MJ wanted to eat them all at once, not even sharing with Yanyan. I want to try adding bananas to the Chocolate Chip Pancake Shaker and see how the kids will react to it. I know I will love it. One of the great things about Dr. Oetker’s Shakers is the fact that they have ZERO trans fats.

Visit Dr. Oetker’s website and enter to win a $1,200 Visa Cash Card. You can enter everyday. Remember Dr. Oetker’s Shakers, your kids will say they are YUMMY.


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