My Former Phone Company

What got me irritated with my former phone company was that they were always late on sending me bill statement. I called their customer service though to give them a chance of sending me the statement right on time, the in charge said sorry and made sure I will received my notice early as possible. I thought they would do it as promise but I guess it is true that promises are made to be broken because they don’t send me the bill before the due date, and guess what they even sent me that three months late.

Right there and then I went to their office and paid my dues, I filed a complaint against them as well and blurted to disconnect the phone immediately. I don’t understand though because their sales force strives hard to look for customers to buy their service but they don’t seem to care of their customer to stay with them for long, they just let go their customers and they don’t even offer for discounts and all that.

Good thing that my friend recommended me of Voip Providers, it is so easy to install this service as long as you have a computer with broad band connection, headset and microphone then you are set. It is not only very accessible but it is also much lower than of the normal phone company. Surely, you can save a lot of money though this.

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