I Got Up

When I was about to sleep a while ago, my little baby woke up. She suddenly sat down in bed while looking at me with her smile. I took her and carry her again in my arms while singing her lullaby NE NE NA, I repeatedly sang the same rhymes a million times but she just pretend to sleep in my shoulder and when I put her down in bed she would open her eyes and would play peek a boo.

It took her hours to sleep finally in her slumber nevertheless I can’t close my eyes at all. I tossed and turn in our bed but still my mind would like to stay awake. I might be having a headache if I persist myself to sleep so I grabbed my lap top instead and open my account. I better drop EC until I hit the spot with Go Go message in the widget.

Well, I guess I did not only hit the target spot but I also was able to grab a task from SS. So this is it I think I can finally sleep now, goodnight everyone!

2 Responses to “I Got Up”

  1. Umma says:

    pareho tayo Anne…I guess I have a perpetual jetlag.. hirap din me makatulog till now..

  2. anne says:

    lol nd lang me makatulog kasi I have to finish something in the internet hehehe thnks for dropping by umma