I Can Still Remember

I never thought I had a chance to see my old school, I studied there during my first grade and second grade although it was only two years yet I have so many experiences and memories of that school.

We dropped by near the school for the tricycle that we hired to tour us around in the village we used to live before have to buy gas. That was then I spotted my old school, I can still remember the long walks through the short cut going there, I can still remember the net bag that my classmate was using as her school bag and I asked my sister if I could use that one too, I can still remember that I jumped to the old canal to catch my slipper using my umbrella, I was not scared at the strong current but what I was scared of was my sister’s angry voice because I lost the slipper she just bought for me. Those were only some of my memories from that old school.

And most of the thing that I will never forget was my Dad’s greetings whenever I get an award from school. He always there at the door while waiting for me to congratulate me from school to get my award, ahhh it is just so nice to reminisce the past especially when you have the chance to see it again.

2 Responses to “I Can Still Remember”

  1. texas_sweetie says:

    no bitaw. kung asa ka ga skoling d jud angay malimtan kay kana nga tunghaan maoy ga mold kanimo ug unsa naka karon! sarap balik balikan ang nakaraan ika nga! tagaliig na ha pagbigyan mo na talagsa ra bitaw na.

  2. anne says:

    hi anne hehehhe ok ra na girl lol anyway, yeah it was like 24 years since I had my last glimpse on that school lol