I Had A Nice Sunday

I had a nice Sunday because I was able to hear mass again, it makes me feel so good even though I was so sleepy in the church because I was not able to take a nap this afternoon. How could I? While the Zuma was again so tempting, I was already in the last level when I always hit the wrong ball.

Anyway, that did not stop me to make up to go to church today with the kids. This is the right time to say thank you for all the blessing that our Almighty gave me, HE blessed me a lot, with the kids and Terry’s passion and love I could not ask for more. I know that we could whisper a thank you prayer wherever we want to but for me to visit him in his Holy House and to talk to him there has a lot of good impact, I am not sure if you feel this way but whenever I missed going to church, I usually feel so guilty. It feels like my Sunday is not complete simply because I was not there.

We also went to the mall to grocery shop and had our dinner in a fine barbecue restaurant. We were so full that I feel like my tummy just bloated. I really have to lose weight I should go to the gym once again.

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