Just Back Home

Just back home from Surigao del Sur and I am so darn tired. The highway going there is so rocky, I feel like I was being punched at my back.

Here I am now tired but happy because we just accomplished something, we nearly lose our hope to find her but she guide all the way to know where she is.

Anyway I will share that by tomorrow, so sleepy now I need to rest.

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  1. hhahha..namuot ko sa imo Mami anne….sakit diay imong sampot…untog diay ka sa dalan? hehehe..rocky man jud!

    woi kato tuod akong gamit..dough to sya girl…kibale dough in a can…hehehhe!

  2. Hi dhemz thanks for the info… perti sad jud akong sampot oist ug dili ka katulog kay imong ulo i walig walig man murag balod wahh

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