Went To The Doctor Finally

I was not feeling well last night; although I slept early last night hoping that it might help me not to trigger my cough. But still at 5:00 a.m. it gets worst. I was restless all throughout the night and I just felt alright after I decided to take the anti asthma that my other doctor prescribed me two weeks ago.

When Faith got down from bed at 8:00 a.m. and called me Mama while she tried to open the door in the bedroom, I realized that Terry is already waiting for me online. I got Faith first and open my computer right after she was comfortable to be put down. Terry was worried when I blurted that my cough was hard and had hard time breathing early at dawn, he convinced me to look for another doctor so I could have the right and a newly prescribed medicines before it gets really worse.

Right after the graduation of Mj as a kiddie crew in Jollibee, we went immediately to the doctor and he gave me a Seretide, good thing that I went there before I finish the Augmentin I took two days ago because that anti biotic won’t heal my cough at all instead it will make my cough worst since I already took and finished that in one week as instructed. The anti biotic was for my fever before caused by the infection.

Anyway, I feel better now and I am ready for the trip tomorrow.

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