So Sleepy And Yet I Have To Go

In my previous post I have mentioned about my sister, whom until now is not home yet. Well, when I just about to finish my post earlier. We heard suddenly a taxi cab stopped by in front of our gate then I heard sister Irenie calling my sister’s name.

Yes, they are already here, thank God! Now we can plan to go to my birth place to get my baptismal certificate as a requirement for the church. But first thing I have to do now is to go to my doctor to have my cough check, it’s getting worst everyday then get the left bag in the customer service at the mall.

I am so sleepy and yet I have to go out to accomplish these things. Thank God sister is already here now I have someone to look after Faith.

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  1. woi, musta na mami Anne….take some citrus…..and more fluids….right, get yourself check…before mahawa ang mga bata…take care mami Anne!

  2. I hope your cough goes away soon and that it’s not serious. I had a cough for 6 weeks with no other symptoms that recently went away on its own but it was scary so I had a lung x-ray but never found out what was causing it. Hopefully it won’t come back!

  3. na dhemz oi hehehe pag adto nako sa doctor perting timinga nga niingon from may 26 to may 30 the doctor is out wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Hi Andrea actually I already had check up before and said it was only an allergy but now I have to go back there because i think the meds she gave me was not working

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