So Sleepy And Yet I Have To Go

In my previous post I have mentioned about my sister, whom until now is not home yet. Well, when I just about to finish my post earlier. We heard suddenly a taxi cab stopped by in front of our gate then I heard sister Irenie calling my sister’s name.

Yes, they are already here, thank God! Now we can plan to go to my birth place to get my baptismal certificate as a requirement for the church. But first thing I have to do now is to go to my doctor to have my cough check, it’s getting worst everyday then get the left bag in the customer service at the mall.

I am so sleepy and yet I have to go out to accomplish these things. Thank God sister is already here now I have someone to look after Faith.

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If She Will Not Go Back

My sister Merlyn had a house that she loan a long time ago when she was not married yet. Since she was not married yet at that time and the money she used for the house to loan was from my father pension that supposedly to support my college tuition fee, we as her sister own that house as well.

Now if she decides to reside permanently in her husband place and leave the house behind, we would like to save the house from for closure and if the issue would settle someday we will have that house rented.

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They Found It

Right after we heard mass yesterday, we went immediately to the mall to eat dinner then to buy school supplies for Ate Mariel and Ate Mj. Thank God, that the funds I withdraw from PayPal to my bank account was already there, the money from blogging is the one I have used to buy bags, notebooks, pencils, pens, socks, and shoes. I was thankful though because I can get into the ATM to inquire and eventually get the money I have worked so hard for, I just didn’t know why it was so hard for me to log into my account in the Internet. They keep on asking a new password and when I set a new password, it was so weird because they would not accept it.

Anyway, we finally bought all the requirements and the shoes of Ate Mariel, we went to the ground floor to go home but Ate Mariel suddenly exclaimed that the Magazine where Judy Anne Santos and Ryan Agoncillo entails their wedding and stuff are available in the magazine stand nears grocery store. I had been looking for this magazine for a week now, certainly if they have that magazine I would really buy it.

I got so excited when I saw it and totally forgot the cellophane I was holding, the last time I remember was that it was just in my hand. I bought the magazine then we headed home, Mariel then asked me where was her bag we purchased when we got down from the taxi cab. I immediately got panicked and said I might left it in the magazine stand inside the mall. The cellophane contains two school bags of Ate Mariel; if we won’t find it at all my money will then put to waste.

I called the mall right away then they gave me the phone number of that magazine stand only to find out that it is a resident number and the person in the other line will just text me if ever her staff back in store found my bags. I called the grocery customer service again and asked them if they could go to the magazine to ask if they found the bags I bought. Good thing, the in charge said yes and went to the area. I was so happy that he said he already got the items and I will just get it there, I just have to present my ID and the receipt to prove that I am really the owner.

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