School Stuff,  Sunday Rush

We Will Be Buying School Supplies

I planned to go with my sister at the beach but since I have to buy some requirements and school supplies, I decided not to. Ate Mj and little Faith went out with them while I and Ate Mariel will be heading to the mall this afternoon.

I hope that the funds I transferred to my bank from my PayPal account is already there. I tried to log in to my bank account since last night but they are requiring having me another new password but then when I registered the new password they don’t allow it. We already tried numbers of password but still they would prompt it as invalid TXN password. Is there anyone here who is experiencing the same stuff? If so please let me know.

Since I can’t log in to my account, I would probably go to the bank instead and inquire my funds in the ATM. I must attend the mass first since I was not able to hear mass for quite a long time now. Have a happy Sunday everyone!

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