This Will Serve As A Lesson

I guess you all know what is going on in the show business today as the video scandal of Hayden Khoo and Katrina Halili are all scattered in the Internet and they even got a copy in pirated DVD’s

I hope this will serve as a lesson to all guys and women out there who are fond of video taping their sexual act and love making. You might want to have that as personal purposes but you have to be cautious because in some way it might be uploaded without your permission. It is devastating in Katrina Halili’s side because she doesn’t know that she was video taped by her so called boyfriend at that time while they were making love, so I guess she should not just sit in the corner and be tamed all about those stuff, what she did now is the right thing, we should not let them abused us just like that.

With the guy’s statement that he is not in his conscious while doing it or because he is sick and all stuff is just good lame excuses. He should be behind bars by setting a hidden camera without the woman permission. Yes he is not the one uploaded the videos in the Internet but he still has to pay of what he did and the one who sold the video as well must be executed. Well, anyway I hope this kind of hobby as they call it must stop.

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  1. I just don’t get it! They can have fun as much as they can but why the heck out of it?!

    They can explore everything but not in the sense of recording what they are doing coz they will never know whats ahead of them.

    Sigh! REGRETS!Is always at the end! But its way too late! People are having a great time talking and watching about this said scandal!

    Anyway, sure they had fun when they did this! Now its pay off time!

    I have been away for 2 weeks ate anne. Trying to contemplate! hahahaha! I took a vacation.I just came back from Manila actually!

    Ikaw? how’s everything? MJ and Faith? How are they?When is the wedding? Arvie V s getting married on the 30th of this month.

  2. hahaha haba nga tam anyway you are right, they should know the consequences ahead… haist life talaga sini si arvie v?

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