He Will Be Out Tonight

When Terry got up this morning, he informed me immediately that he will be out tonight for his workmate just invited him to celebrate their new remodel basement. I thought it was a birthday party that he is going to attend to but obviously it is not.

Terry kiddingly said that his workmate will just want to boost his new remodel basement that is why he is inviting all his workmate. Well, I will also be proud of if I accomplished something for our house because I have done anything good for my family. It is much better if we could hire a professional remodeling contractor; if the friend of Terry just lives near Wichita Kansas I might recommend him the Wichita Remodeling experts as they are very well rounded at ultimate construction. Their service has been survive for 20 years even this is the most difficult time of the year because of our economy crisis, their business still standing up, as its best because of their ultimate performance in regards with home improvements and the stuff.

Their business has been tested through big companies and clients, more often than not they are always had a very good and positive feedback. They are so efficient with their work so if you want to remodel your house contact the Wichita Remodeling service and be worry free with the results because they always do a great work.

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This Will Serve As A Lesson

I guess you all know what is going on in the show business today as the video scandal of Hayden Khoo and Katrina Halili are all scattered in the Internet and they even got a copy in pirated DVD’s

I hope this will serve as a lesson to all guys and women out there who are fond of video taping their sexual act and love making. You might want to have that as personal purposes but you have to be cautious because in some way it might be uploaded without your permission. It is devastating in Katrina Halili’s side because she doesn’t know that she was video taped by her so called boyfriend at that time while they were making love, so I guess she should not just sit in the corner and be tamed all about those stuff, what she did now is the right thing, we should not let them abused us just like that.

With the guy’s statement that he is not in his conscious while doing it or because he is sick and all stuff is just good lame excuses. He should be behind bars by setting a hidden camera without the woman permission. Yes he is not the one uploaded the videos in the Internet but he still has to pay of what he did and the one who sold the video as well must be executed. Well, anyway I hope this kind of hobby as they call it must stop.

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With Ate Mariel In The Workshop

This time Ate Mariel who has always been left out at home for she had to look after my nephew Yanyan was able to come with us during the fourth day of Mj’s workshop. My sister Irenie supposedly want to her to join with them in her husband’s company party but she did not instead she went with us in the Mall.
While waiting for Ate Mj, we went to Pizza parlor to have some snacks then we headed to the Wonderland nears where Ate Mj had her workshop.

Ate Mariel And Faith

While waiting for Ate Mj to finish her workshop

My three angels, this is when Ate Mj arrived from the workshop
Right after wonderland

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