During Workshop

Good Thing She Stayed In One Spot

Usually, when you leave the kids alone in an area with so much fun filled to do, they will not stay in one spot instead they would roam around the area. It is alright though if the area had a small space that when you arrive you will see them immediately. But with the area that Mj had her workshop is wide and had a lot of fun things to do, like Internet surfing, video games, play house and a lot more.

I thought that the workshop will end at 5:00 p.m. just like yesterday but when I arrived at the workshop area, their things were already packed up and all of the kiddie crew members are all out of sight. I was nervous a bit, thinking that Mj went out of the area to window shop since the area where they held the Taekwondo is inside the mall. But I guess Mj is responsible enough to do such like that, because I only found her in the Internet section nears the workshop area watching some teenagers playing video games.

She really know her limits, she knows that it is dangerous for her to go out of the area. As a reward I gave her the change of her allowance since she said that she had money left from the money I gave her a while ago.

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