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Our Neighbor’s House Is For Assume

I had been telling my Sister that if the house fronting our house will be on sale, I might going to grab it. They already improved their house when they are still living here, the floor is tiled, they already put an extension at the kitchen, it is well painted and most of all it is already gated. If we decided to get the house, all we have to do is to transfer and that’s it.

I told Terry regarding the house but he asked about the size, the bathroom and all that stuff. Well, the house is not that huge, it only had one bathroom and two bedrooms. It is too small compared to the seven million houses that we saw last year. I suggested remodeling the house though, making it a two storey house perhaps and putting another bathroom in the master bedroom.

Meanwhile, I have to look for a contractor just like of the Phoenix Remodeling professional contractors to remodel the house so we won’t worry of how the house would come up in the future. I know some architects and engineers from the company I used to work before, maybe they could help me to build our new home.

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