Blogging In Jollibee

When I went out this morning to send Mj to her workshop, I thought to bring my mini laptop. I was wondering if I could really get connected and if I get lucky I would blog hop as well. After I send Mj, I went ahead to Smart Bro to pay my bills and went to my bank to deposit and withdraw too for my niece enrollment today.

I was hoping to finish my appointment early so I could go to the nearest Jollibee to eat breakfast. I guess it was really my lucky day today because the two offices are not that crowded. Nonetheless, I have enough time to open my laptop and do whatever the task that was given to me. Well, all my effort was not put to waste because the moment I open the PPP, five dollar bucks was actually waiting for me! Plus, I was able to chat with Ann for how many minutes while doing my task. I have made it quick for I have to fetch up Mj yet not to mention that the manager was looking at me from time to time because I already stayed there for almost two hours. Well, I believed they can’t just throw you away in the door just like that because you use their connection for long hours; I paid my breakfast anyway although that was less than a hundred. But to feel like you are not comfortable already thinking that they might think you are already abusing their service, it is I guess to better pack up before they would tell you to do so.

I am still thankful to Jollibee though because of them I was able to grab an opportunity in just the right time. You might want to try it; I think all branches have an Internet connection for you to enjoy.

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