I Thought It Was The Battery

On the day I received my mini laptop, I immediately charged it because there is no way I can open it since it was drained for three days. I charged it for more than seven hours only to find out that it still didn’t gonna work.

I asked Honey if I have to charged it overnight and he said no because that might damaged the battery. And since I went to Digital Interface yesterday, I asked my friend about the battery of my laptop. She then told me that I should only charged it for four hours and that is already the maximum. When I went home I check the mini laptop again, unplug the charger and tried to turn it on. But still it didn’t work out right, until I told Honey about my problem with the laptop and that the battery must have been damaged when it was delivered yesterday. He asked me to show the battery and guess what I lift up to the web cam? It was the charger and not the battery, Honey rapidly said that it was not the battery, it was only the charger.

I quickly checked the box again and there it was! The mere reason why it didn’t work because the battery was not really installed at the back of the laptop, while Honey burst out laughing!

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