I Have To Sleep Early Tonight

I have to sleep early tonight as I slept too late last night, you might thought that I got a lot of OPP last night the reason why I was not able to sleep at the schedule time. No it was not because of any OPP but because all of us were so excited to use the router and to talk in the YM even the other one is in the kitchen only. LOL!
Sister also slept past 12:00 a.m. because she was using the other computer and finally was able to update her blog. She did not update it for quite a while now because I was always the one using the computer but now I am sure it will be easier for her to touch her account.

But tonight since I already finish writing all the offered task and that I have to accompany Mj to her new school tomorrow to take an entrance examination. It is a must to sleep early.

Anyway, let me also grab this opportunity to thank Honey for always providing me everything, for this nice gift on Mother’s Day. I was really surprised that he bought the mini laptop for me, I really feel so special. Thank you so much Honey!

Mine, is the color blue one

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