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Know Your Neighbors

When Mj was one year old, I sometimes send her to our neighbor on my way to work when her nanny went home. It was a bit hard to entrust her because she would cry so loud when I was about to leave him with my friend. I sometimes get worried but I have to leave her to them so I could work. I guess I was still lucky because the neighbor that I usually sent her was my close friend. I know her and her family personally as I always went there when I was still in college.

Being a Mom, we always do our best to protect our kids we may check all the people that surrounds us and the neighborhood. It is better to be cautious than to regret things in the end, we never know that there are some sex offender that we must avoid to or report for. Know your neighbors, is the best thing we could do to protect our kids from these villainous sexual deviants.

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