Rotahaler, Augmentin and Some Other Stuff

It is almost two weeks now that I had been taking these medicines that never in my wildest thought could I ever take. Especially the Augmentin, the tablet is so huge that if I have any choice I rather throw it up than to intake it, not to mention that it is 625 mg. Lol I even cannot take the 500 mg before but do I have a choice? That is what my doctor gave me; well I guess it is better than the inhaler that cost P1, 500.oo.

In the Philippines, if the woman is pregnant they usually given a variety of vitamins. In my case, I was not given any of it because Terry bought vitamins that has all such as iron, vitamin c and the like, with only one take I was settled. He knows I really had hard time taking numbers of vitamins in one time. And from the first three months down to nine months, that is the only vitamin I took, I didn’t only throw up but I save more yet.

On the other hand, I am starting to get better though; I am seldom using the rotahaler now unlike before that I have to use it every four hours. I just have to finish the remaining tablets and I’m all done, I wish the asthma and the rhinitis will not go back for decade at least.

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