My Little Love Bug Is Still Sick

She has been coughing since last night and she woke up with a cough too early this morning, her Daddy is so worried and so I am. I am doing the best I could to attain her needs like medicines and stuff but it seems never work.

Because of her cough and congestions she slept too early this morning with stomach empty. She didn’t even touch her feeding bottle and even her bottle last night was not finish. She is still playful though but I hope this calvary would end so soon, I can’t bear to see my little love bug sick.

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Rotahaler, Augmentin and Some Other Stuff

It is almost two weeks now that I had been taking these medicines that never in my wildest thought could I ever take. Especially the Augmentin, the tablet is so huge that if I have any choice I rather throw it up than to intake it, not to mention that it is 625 mg. Lol I even cannot take the 500 mg before but do I have a choice? That is what my doctor gave me; well I guess it is better than the inhaler that cost P1, 500.oo.

In the Philippines, if the woman is pregnant they usually given a variety of vitamins. In my case, I was not given any of it because Terry bought vitamins that has all such as iron, vitamin c and the like, with only one take I was settled. He knows I really had hard time taking numbers of vitamins in one time. And from the first three months down to nine months, that is the only vitamin I took, I didn’t only throw up but I save more yet.

On the other hand, I am starting to get better though; I am seldom using the rotahaler now unlike before that I have to use it every four hours. I just have to finish the remaining tablets and I’m all done, I wish the asthma and the rhinitis will not go back for decade at least.

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Boost Your Supercharger

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