Balance Spending And Saving

To make my expenses clear, I always have a note with me so I could tally all the expenses day by day. But I stopped doing it because it is sometimes so hassle and difficult in my part especially at night when I made a final summary of how much I spent during the day.

Anyway, that would help me to remember my expenses somehow and it help me to control spending some unnecessary things. The article I read a while ago proved me right and now I would like to share it with you.

Step 1 Flesh Out Goals

At the top of your list of money goals should be an emergency fund. You will need at least three to six months of your income to fall back on to get you through a downturn. Next, list your long-term big ticket dreams -such paying off a debt, buying a car, financing your kids education. Then write down more immediate personal and household needs and wants that you hope to purchase within the next six months.

Step 2 Aim to Save

Put 10 percent of your monthly gross income into a general savings account where you can grow your emergency fund or a retirement savings account.

Step 3 Track Spending

Stash a small notebook and pencil in your purse and note every single daily expense. Count the small stuff including candies and include the exact number to the centavo. This will give you an eye opening look at your spending habits, both good and bad.

Step 4 Tally Expenses

Set up the following categories such as transportation, personal expenses, insurance, foods and the like. If you’ve only tracked your spending for a week, multiply by four for a monthly total. It takes time but soon the financial fog will lift. You’ll see a pattern and say, “so that’s where the extra P200 disappears to!”

Step 5 Identify the Waste

Assess the ways you’re throwing away cash on little things and make that the first place you look for money to kick start your spend less save more plan.

Step 6 Take Back Money

Ax items you really don’t need much, meaning don’t buy things that are not necessary. Or substitute in low cost ways to share family togetherness such as playing board games or walking to the park. Think of budgeting not a sacrifice but as a make life better mission!

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Real Quick

Faith’s body clock has been change! If before she would wake up at 7:00 a.m. now she woke up at 10:00 a.m. and that’s the most. She had almost 11 hours of sleep all through out the night.

Every time she got up every morning she would go down from the bed immediately, yes she knows how to get down without falling at all. So even though we were like sardines in bed I prefer her to sleep with us because she can sleep soundly and much longer.

So guys have to go now! I have to attain my little love bug here, she needs to take her breakfast very very soon.

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My Dream Car

When I was in College, there were two good things I ever dreamed to have, first was a house which I successfully acquired it through a Housing Loan and a car. I always impressed when I saw women driving their own car, hitting their steering wheel and had fun with road trips.

I dreamed to drive my own car but with today’s continuing crisis, buying a car is least priority because there are things we need that we should attain for. But if owning a car could make you only safe on going home because of the distance from your work to your house, then you must apply for Car Title Loans. It is indeed inexpensive and so easy to acquire. Now, if you are not qualified with the first option because of a very very bad credit, you might try the Pink Slip Loans or the Collateral Loans so the lending company would trust you for the money and assurances that you will pay the agreed amount.

One lending company would let you borrow in an instant even you have a very bad credit, you still get approved. It is easy to apply as long as you secure all the requirements then you are ready to go!

A Mom like me may need one car so it would be convenient for me to go to downtown to shop with the kids. I hope to own one!

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