During Workshop

This is the first and only picture she has today in the workshop, because I thought I left my battery in the camera only to found out that I put it in the pocket of my bag. Since the in-charge told us already to wait for the kids in the area they provided for the parents, I was not able to take more pictures at all.

I have to go also to the bank and pay my Smart bro too, so I decided to just go back when they are done. When I arrived at Jollibee I found Mj playing with other kiddie crew while waiting for me. She then broke me news that she found some friends and the activities during the workshop.

I thought to bring some burgers to the people left at home, I actually bought four yum burgers and you know how much I paid? It was only P90.00 for four burgers, isn’t that amazing? Yes, I got discounts from Mj’s workshop, I just have to make sure that Mj is with me when I buy foods from them and that I have to present also them the membership card.

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