When The New Baby Arrives

I thought that Mj will get jealous when Faith came to our life but she’s not, instead of being jealous she even help me out things and take good care of her little sister at times. I know that some Mom’s out there are not as lucky as I am. There were cases like our Ate and Kuya’s cannot handle the fact that the little sister will need much attention than them. Although we cannot avoid such thing, we can help them cope with the new baby invasion.

Here are some points to help our Ate and Kuya to welcome the new baby in the house:

  • Bring out his baby photos – You can tell him stories of his own birth and his improvements and adventures in the following months. That help him imagine of things to look forward when the baby come out. You can also try to make a book for the new baby together:ie: Bundled up at the hospital, drinking milk, sleeping in your arms, playing with a rattle, sitting in the stroller. Then attached it in a scrapbook and let him put some decorations. When the baby comes out, he can add new pictures of his little sister or little brother.
  • Count down to the big day – But it doesn’t mean you’re going to break the pregnancy too early; nine months are too long for a kid to remember it all. You may give him due dates like after Christmas or When you start school, in that way that is something he can get easy. Then a month before the big day, you can hang a calendar and cross off days. Pick a few days from each week and have a small activity with your little toddler. For instance: Help Mommy buys baby bottles, listen to baby’s heartbeat so on and so forth.
  • Prepare the little kuya or little ate a bag too – On baby’s arrival and you have your bag packed, you also must spare a bag for him too. You can put coloring books, disposable camera and let him take pictures, cell phone cards so he can call all the relatives about the big news and candy or junk foods he may like to eat during hospital visits.
Source: Working Mom march edition

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  1. Lucky you, when we first brought EJ home, Rylie was so jealous. But after a month or so, she got used to it..

  2. Hello, great tips, my first child was so jealous when her little brother became the new member of the house, as well as new center of attention. I calm her with my kisses and I let her have her new room with paintings that she loves.


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