Steak At TGIF

When we were roaming around Mall of Asia to look for a place to dine in and since we accomplished something for that day. Terry had called it a night to celebrate; he was looking for a fine restaurant that we haven’t dined before, definitely a restaurant that is not found in Davao.

There were many restaurants we have seen and when he saw the TGIF Restaurant, he immediately drag me and the kids to go down so we could have a dinner since we are already starving.

He then informed me that TGIF has the best steak ever compare to other restaurants. And it is indeed true because ever sine I tasted it, I always think of it and actually craving for the steak now. Uhmmm, how I wish I could go back there again.


  • texas_sweetie

    lami bitaw sila ug foods pero naa toy usa ka food nila na belong sa America’s unhealthiest food lolz.. pait pud diha oi giparehas pud ang price sa dollar or price nila dri.. woohooo ang maka afford kaon kato rapud naay baga ug wallet.. ang mga pobre? aw padayon sa pungko pungko hehehe!

  • anne

    hehehe hi anne bitaw mao bitaw napansin ni terry oi pareha daw ang presyo wahh tag 1 thousand in fairness ilang steak grrr

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