I Had A Nice Sunday

I had a nice Sunday because I was able to hear mass again, it makes me feel so good even though I was so sleepy in the church because I was not able to take a nap this afternoon. How could I? While the Zuma was again so tempting, I was already in the last level when I always hit the wrong ball.

Anyway, that did not stop me to make up to go to church today with the kids. This is the right time to say thank you for all the blessing that our Almighty gave me, HE blessed me a lot, with the kids and Terry’s passion and love I could not ask for more. I know that we could whisper a thank you prayer wherever we want to but for me to visit him in his Holy House and to talk to him there has a lot of good impact, I am not sure if you feel this way but whenever I missed going to church, I usually feel so guilty. It feels like my Sunday is not complete simply because I was not there.

We also went to the mall to grocery shop and had our dinner in a fine barbecue restaurant. We were so full that I feel like my tummy just bloated. I really have to lose weight I should go to the gym once again.

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Yay! I Totally Forgot About It

I am so silly that I just forgot my baby’s immunization today, aside from being so tired of the trip yesterday, sister Merlyn is not here too. She has to purchase some things for her kids as the school class will take place very soon.
But even though, if I just did not forget all about it, I may go with my little baby to the doctor for that dosage. If not her Dad’s asked me a while ago about her weight, I could not even remember it. Well, I was too indulged of our trip experience yesterday and it goes around in my mind every minute.

I was also busy with cleaning and arranging some stuff in the house and I finished that too late in the afternoon already. I will just send Faith to her doctor on Monday and I hope I could also go to my Ob-gyne for some issues I am feeling right now. I hope everything went well though.

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My Favorite Perfume

I mentioned here in my previous post that I just received a nice gift from one friend here in blogger. And guess what? That is my favorite perfume from the first day I used it. I even did not share it to my niece so it will not be finished that easy.

I really like the scent of it because it was mild enough for my rhinitis; I sneeze whenever I smell strong perfumes. And I bet if you have that kind of allergy, you would agree with me to consult for the best scents ever. Well, stop worrying about that anymore because Talk Perfume can provide you with reliable review about colognes and perfumes. In that way, it would be easy for you to choose best perfume that would suit only for you

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I Can Still Remember

I never thought I had a chance to see my old school, I studied there during my first grade and second grade although it was only two years yet I have so many experiences and memories of that school.

We dropped by near the school for the tricycle that we hired to tour us around in the village we used to live before have to buy gas. That was then I spotted my old school, I can still remember the long walks through the short cut going there, I can still remember the net bag that my classmate was using as her school bag and I asked my sister if I could use that one too, I can still remember that I jumped to the old canal to catch my slipper using my umbrella, I was not scared at the strong current but what I was scared of was my sister’s angry voice because I lost the slipper she just bought for me. Those were only some of my memories from that old school.

And most of the thing that I will never forget was my Dad’s greetings whenever I get an award from school. He always there at the door while waiting for me to congratulate me from school to get my award, ahhh it is just so nice to reminisce the past especially when you have the chance to see it again.

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